Apr 14, 2011


Saw this at Ikea...
Hapa = half Japanese half white = the majority of my family

Next few photos...not Hapas, but Full Japanese.

I found this at the Gift Shop at BYU.

"Brings the great outdoors to the smallest rooms."
Yes, that is a grass seat toilet.

A way to avoid PDA.
Fake arms...ingenious.  
No wonder Japan will take over the world.
Pure brains.

Let it be known, these could be my distant cousins
Don't be hating their creativeness. 

Thought I would through in another Hapa photo.
Hali ordered some glasses from ZenniOptical.com 
Super cheap prescription glasses for like $12.00....
Anyways, she wasn't home so she had me try them on for her and Derek take a picture to send to her so she would know what they would look like on her.

Freaky thing is...is that she does look like me. 
Although, her head is bigger.

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