Nov 16, 2014

Salt of the earth and thoughts about blogging.

I've always wanted to be a blogger.  Yes, I blog, but I've always wanted to be a blogger that got free stuff and went to free events.  Why?  I just don't know.  Because it looks like a glamorous life, for those that work in the pajamas. Luckily, I made a new friend, Mikaela, from Indie Ogden.

Mikaela is pretty dang hip. (Lady in the middle.) So she invited me to this spa night, with all the big bloggers out there.  It was then and there, that I decided I needed a real blog.  These ladies just invited to stuff for free, then all they have to do is blog about it.  I mean really, how sweet is that deal?

We've gone to a few different events together and I feel like we are kindred spirits.  She's also who made me realize how cool Ogden is.  Which, is the purpose of her website, so job well done Mik!

So be watching for new things, The Salt Project is coming.

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