Nov 18, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 4 // Fernwood Hike

I was kind of done at this point...we'd been to the Trees of Mystery, The Redwood Forest, Klamath City, and then the husband wanted to go do this Fern hike.  I mean, I was pooped, the kids were pooped.  In the end, he won.  It's a good thing too, because it was like Fern Gully. 

One minute we're in the Redwoods, the next we are in the sandy beaches next to the ocean and then you hike a few miles inland and BAM! 

You've found fern gully. 


Both sides of the cliffs were just covered in ferns. 


Little Brother became quite obsessed with his hand.  He would just stick it out and then gaze at it for hours.  Mama wanted to join in on the fun too. 

I can't even tell you how green it was, just amazing. 

Do you guys own Chacos?  Because, really, that's all I wore this entire trip.  I've had them for over 10 years.  Sadly, I forgot the husband's somehow, so he couldn't gallop through the water like brother and I. 

So remember how I said we hiked in through the beach...well, apparently, it's also were some elk hang out too.  I thought elk were in the high mountains, not hanging out next to the beach.  

Aiko thought it was crazy too. 

These lovely flowers grew in the dustiest part of the road.  They were so lovely and noteworthy I had to take a picture.

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  1. My love for chacos is endless. Crazily enough they're not big in Miami-where you can wear them ALWAYS. I've had several people ask me what kind of shoe wearing. Perfect for hiking, but in Miami they are also perfect for everyday so you don't trip over flip flops getting to your children.