Nov 20, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 5 // Crater Lake

I was asking around to see if Crater Lake was worth the drive.  A friend from the Buddhist Church said "Crater Lake changed my life."  

Well, we obviously had to go after a statement like that.

It was amazing.  I actually didn't edit any of these photos...the water really is that blue.  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the whole US.  There is no commercial boats allowed out on it either.  There is a tour you can take, and it's always booked ad expensive, so we didn't even have a chance.

We thought about taking the only hike to where you can go swimming in the lake, but it sounded a little too much for us. 

 It didn't take very long to drive around the lake, but the traffic was crazy!

Aiko made friends with all the squirrels.  So we spent a lot of time looking and pointing.

Between the sky and the lake, it looks like we've been badly photoshopped into the photo.

Little Aiko was quite the trooper.  We got lucky on this trip.

I realize that this photo is quite laughable...I can't image what people thought of my large hair.  But man, those in between dread times are awesome.  My kids are just going to DIE when their future families see their grandma. I know, I know, you are like, "What does Derek think of his wife?"  You should ask him sometime, I'm very curious.


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