Oct 9, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 2 // Agate Beach State Park // Mile Marker 138.5

I wish I was a beach person.  I truly wish I was.  Had I known how much little Aiko would love the water, sand and wind I would have planned more time.

Little Aiko could care less.  She loved the freezing water rushing up her tiny little legs.

Makes you wonder how toddlers aren't just terrified of the world.  It seems SOOOO much bigger when you see these photos with my tiny almost two year old girl.

As much as I hate the sand, I did love this beach.  It was pretty secluded, easy to get to and just a picture perfect day. 

I'm not a clean freak by any means, I don't even care about Aiko getting sandy, I just hate it on ME.  This water was SOOO cold.  I believe it was runoff from the mountains that went to the ocean. 

It was definitely worth the sand.

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