Oct 7, 2014

A Fall Affair

Lady Soul, you captured it perfectly.

A few months ago, I realized that if I wanted an epic party, I had to make it smaller, so I could concentrate on more of the finer details.  (It's only taken my whole life to figure this out.)  Also, The Allison Show wrote this amazing blog here that changed my party life.

I also knew I needed a partner in crime, someone crazy like me.  So I called up Holli.  Holli and I couldn't be more different, yet so alike in so many ways.  She's SUPER organized and I'm constantly referred to as chaos.  Creatively?  WE are kindred spirits. 


Unbeknownst to me, Holli's mom also happens to host parties, lots of parties, and let us borrow these gorgeous glasses and charges! (Plus a bunch of other items, which, was so wonderful.)

Holli made all the crowns!  Each one was a-ma-zing.  Holli revealed them to me (rather dramatically too, because she wouldn't let me look at them until we were both sitting down.) and they were mind blowing!  I truly was in awe.

I still am.  They were magnificent.

I rather like my almost dead sunflower.

My new found friend Leslee made the cake.  Super Yummy! Isn't it beautiful?  She even put a gold trim around the bottom. 


That crown.  Swoon!

Isn't she beautiful?

We told our guests to arrive at 7pm SHARP!    I wanted everything to be setup, so when they came around the corner, "BAM!"  



Things only got more and more magical that night. 

We played a game like speed dating, but with our ladies.  I imagine it was WAY more fun than real speed dating.  

What a night.  

A special thanks to my mom, she was there all day with me, helping and wrangling the babies.  Thanks to everyone else that let me borrow things.  XOXO. 

Stephanie of Auburn Soul took all the photos.  If you want to see Holli's and Mine Pinterest boards for this...check it here and here.


  1. How wonderful is this...every details is absolutely perfect and dreamy and just magical :)