Apr 27, 2012

I'm writing this while 10 weeks pregnant.

I thought that since this doesn't happen every day..especially for me, I should probably write down some of the random thoughts I have during these early weeks of pregnancy

I thought miscarriages were hard...but this whole morning sickness...THIS is tough.  Partly, because it is not morning based.  From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep it's there.  (Knock on wood) but I have only puked once, after eating tuna casserole, a double hamburger, fries and a lime ricky.  Needless to say, I no longer eat any of those items.  

On top dry heaving all day, I have these very specific food cravings that must be fed immediately.  You see, the food above that made me puke is not normally part of my diet.  For the last year and a half I have become somewhat of a health nut.  (Which I am convinced that it's part of the reason for being pregnant now.) I just followed what the good Bible said...less meat and sugar and more fruits and veggies. (Alright, it didn't say that word for word.)  But now, since this little gold nugget has dropped in, I have craved the following, completely ruining any healthy streak I had.

1. Roast Beast (yes, i spelled that right.) with mashed potatoes and gravy. We went to Mimi's which was good, but still not quite right.  Auntie Mitsie made hers which is best. 
2.  Frozen Michellenie's dinner with peas added-which I don't think I'd ever eaten before
3.  Mama's tuna fish sandwiches, with pickles, celery, and had to be on white bread.  Oh, and I did have to go to the store for Mayonnaise, because i needed it to taste exactly like I remember it.
4.  Peas
5.  Mama's tuna casserole with peas
6.  Pickled beets.  Many a cans have given their lives to my belly. 
7.  Einstein's Bagels.
8.  Chef Boyardee Ravioli
9.  Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips
10. Valley Garlic, Onion and Dill Flavored Petite Fancy Pickles.  Which I usually eat these anyway. 
11. Orange Chicken from China Hill.  I don't even like Orange chicken, so I got General Tao's. As soon as I put it in my mouth I wasn't sick anymore.  it. was. like. heaven.
12. Reese's Peanut Butter puff cereal. How can they even call the food?

Sure, this is probably a typical person's kind of diet, but previously, mine had been rather bird/deer/cow like.  In fact, we walk down the pet isle for The Kona's food and Derek always points out that I should probably buy some of that food...meaning the bird seed food...for myself.   Since the puking up of burger/tuna/lime/fries day, I have actually avoided the meat as best I can.  Which means, I basically eat baked potatoes...almost every day with peas.

Would you like to know some things that I can't even bear to look/smell??

Bubbie's Pickles
Spaghetti sauces...Especially with meatballs. 
Peppermint anything.  I was taking this to help with the sickness...but now it causes sickness.
Soda Crackers
The Kona's Breath.
Green Gum- now smells like cigarettes with a minty flavor
Some of my essential oils which I usually love. 

Sigh. Though this was a lengthy complaint...it's all still worth it.  Just the other day I was looking at another blog and the husband was holding their little girl .  

World, I just don't think there is a sexier pose for a man.

A father holding their kids on one arm.  Don't ask my why, but, I am ready to take thousands of pictures with Derek doing this. Because he will be the handsomest daddy around holding our baby.

ps. after proofreading my list of cravings...i feel kind of sick.


  1. Thank goodness the morning sickness is over. Your post made me hungry for some roast beef. :-)
    The good part is you'll lose the weight easy after the pregnancy... Derek is gonna have to do lots of pushups. :-D

  2. That's quite the list! I ate lots of cereal. I mean lots at least two bowls a day for the first 20 weeks. And I constantly craved hamburgers and fries. The one you threw up sound like Warrens. Which makes me miss Utah. Also the smells only get worse...