Oct 10, 2009

Photo Shoots

One of my favorite houses in Kaysville, so awesome. Don't worry, one day, we will have a home like this.

Can someone explain this to me? What is David's Star doing on a LDS Tabernacle....any history?

Hannah recently received a very large camera complete with big buttons, flashes, lenses, screen, and probably a huge manual. She wanted to take it on a photo shoot. So we did. Kaysville has some awesome old architecture and buildings. Here's just a couple of the shots. But mostly with my camera as we couldn't figure out Hannah's 95% of the time. Hannah is an instruction reader and thoroughly enjoys it, so I'm sure the next photo shoot will be better.

Kona also joined us, although I don't think she liked it, she dramatically slumped over the gutter and sighed when she realized we weren't leaving.

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