Oct 18, 2009

Happy Halloween

It seems that only the southern Utah people really know who we are. Once we put Derek's nametag then it made more sense to people. Guess these Northerners don't know what real polygs look like! They need to go to WalMart in Cedar or St. George to truly appreciate!

Nachhhhooooo and SuperWoman!

Chelsie and Travis

The Phantom of the Opera

Sara and Graham

The Obama's

Thhe Lane Family

Cruella and Crazy Joker

THe Laracco's

Ximenha and Craig

Sleeping Beauty bad Lady and Crow?

The Poppletons

Cleopatra and Cesar

Beta and Dan


  1. The little baby dolls are a nice touch!

  2. wow....only you would think of that. I love it.

  3. hahaha, oh my gosh, you guys really do look like polygamists! Harm's hair is spot on! I love the straight faces.

  4. Pretty good interpretation, but what's with the nametag? Maybe I don;t know my polygamists as well as I thought.

  5. Those are some of the funnest costumes ever, but the Cedar City Wal-Mart polygs win best costume for sure!

  6. These are such clever awesome costumes! Harm!!! I LOVE the polyg costumes! COMPLETELY spot on! Can't wait to visit on Thursday! Alex

  7. OH MY! You win first prize for sure and Harmony, how were you able to perfect that hairdo? WOW! Very impressed (and so is EVERY employee at the Three Peaks Preschool!) Ha ha

  8. That's hilarious! The hair is great!

  9. Awesome! Those are so great! And the first picture is my favorite.