Oct 10, 2009

Long Weeks

So, many of you will find this not so excited to read about, I write this blog mainly to my future posterity in hopes that they will want to continue traditions.

I thought to myself whilst climbing trees this weekend "Self, when do you think you'll be too old to climb trees?" The next morning I felt like I was broken.

Conference weekend, always a good one. It's nice too that it is in the Fall. I will admit, I have a hard time watching a full movie let alone a conference talk. It seems like the last couple years I've had apples or pear apples ("Nashi" Japanese pears Caleb) that I dehydrate, so that keeps me busy while listening to the talks.

I knew I wouldn't be able to stay awake for the afternoon session, plus Aunti Mitsie wanted to pick the Nashis (Japanese pears Caleb), so we did both. I put the radio outside, climbed the tree, and picked the delicious fruit (When I think of the tree of life, this is what Adam and Eve ate) with the Mama and Mitsie. Really, I probably heard 10% of the talks. So nice that they are available on the Internet now.

It's always a dangerous expedition. Affectionately known as bucket heads, we wear buckets on our heads to keep them safe from the dangerous fruit trying assassinate us. While I picked in the tree with the others below, fruit will fall and people's toes, heads, or break open when it hits the ground. It's always terribly sad when a large "nice" looking fruit falls and is broken. This year we tried holding a tarp and shaking and letting the fruit drop. Probably not our best idea as the fruit did bruise. We will be doing apple pie filling and I will take picture then so you may witness the Bucketheadness.

Also, it's always fun when the Men go to Priesthood, Derek and Caleb go together and Melinda and I hang out with the kids.

I found a pumpkin at Walmart that I was going to decorate but I looked at the bottom and there was a pumpkin pie recipe. So we're trying out real pumpkin pie from complete scratch. We'll see how this goes. . . Melinda had made a pumpkin pie from scratch in college and we're beginning to wonder if there are different pumpkins for pie purposes...but we did make pumpkin seeds!

*Added notes later.
Also made butternut/pumpkin/yellow squash soup, it was pretty good.

Gram said the pumpkin pie was delicious! Derek made the crust and it was super flaky, i guess when you follow the recipe completely it comes out better!

Random Flower in front of Gram's yard.

Date 10/10/09

Spent a great time with the family making apple pie filling, apple juice, dehydrating apples, and applesauce. And we literally have at a box from a dishwasher FULL plus two other boxes of apples, not to mention the boxes we've already dehydrated these last weeks. Good Land.

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