May 28, 2009

There are still nice people in the world

Big Fish Story 2. It's long, but I want my posterity to know!

My sisters and I love to fish. Let me repeat, LOVE to fish. Love it so much, we go every year, for the last oh 5 years, and have yet to catch fish. If you'll recall Big Fish Story here.

Until Hali and I met John.
We woke up early to go fishing (Derek does not like to go, something about never catching anything. . . ) but never fear, only the patient win. We find a nice spot along the Weber River and set out our bait. I had recently snapped (yes I know) my fishing pole and was feeling a little irritated and here comes John.
He asked us if he saw the big fish he just caught, which we did not. Let me tell you about John's outfit, wader pants, fishing vest, nifty little worm holder, waterproof boots with some rubber over his pant and boot and a fishing hat. This guy obviously was either pretending to be a fisherman or he had to be good.
John offered to teach us how to fish (1st scary moment), but we needed to go around the river bend to this awesome spot....(2nd scary moment) and then for some reason we agreed. So while we proceeded to this spot on the river (which was out of sight of the main road) I proceeded to gather items in my pocket such as my keys and a bottle of salmon eggs. That's right, if this John guy tried something funny I was going to pelt him with my glass bottle salmon eggs. But I relaxed a little when I realized there were plenty of sticks lying around.
I had many scenarios going through my head. This John had no idea what kind of ladies he was dealing with. I admit, we may be small, but I was ready at any moment to smash this guy into the river.
(Scary Moment 3.) A couple of times Hali had to leave and go to the car (because obviously, I was not going to leave my bigger little sister with John). John told me he'd ask him out if he was 10 years younger (Scary Moment 4)I thought back to my karate classes, thinking that if he tried anything it'd probably be towards me because I am smaller. . .
While all these thoughts went through Hali and my heads, John actually helped us catch fish. He taught us how and where and why he fished there and we caught some!! I was soooo excited, as you'll see the giant beauty below, I slapped John on the shoulder, not thinking, and then (Scary moment 5) he said "give me a hug." What else could I do? Hali and I hugged him....
After a couple of hours, John had to go to his car, Hali and I were sure he was bringing back a gun (Scary moment 6). He didn't.
We had turns with John's pole. At one point (Scary Moment 7), John had a fish, and it was big. The line snapped and the fish was right on the bank, just out of Hali's reach, and it swam away. John yelled and kind of did this weird walk away from us....We thought for sure we were don't for.
In the end, John was a nice guy, slightly, still creepy, but we enjoyed his company once he actually left.

Isn't it sad that we were so worried? John proved that there are still nice people in the world

Although, Hali's Satanic Look in the picture might make a mother worry.

In case you were wondering, the large fish, my only catch of the day was 17 3/4". Hali caught the the other three and lost 3 beauties to the river.
Here's to you John!

After fishing we hiked up by the "castle" of Layton. It was actually extremely pretty. So nice and green.

Like the Sacred Grove?? Maybe. . .

After Hiking, Derek and I went to Lagoon. Not so cute picture (we don't seem to have that Facebook knack for face pictures) But I told Derek we have to take a picture of us at Lagoon, maybe not after this beauty.

Random picture. Here are some chicks that are in a bush in our yard...we're hoping they live and Kona doesn't eat them.


  1. hahhahaha. i LOLed throughout most of this. i do love my sisters

  2. Hey so when do I get to come camping with you guys?

  3. That is a cool story. Sounds like you had a blast and those fish you caught are huge! Glad you didn't get attacked by John.