May 1, 2009

Angel's Landing

2.5 Mile Hike Up the cliffs. This sign is at the last .5 miles where it is pretty scary.

It's a good thing there are chains along the way. I really can't imagine being afraid of going up, there were quite a few people that stopped before all the fun began!!

This is the last .5 miles of the hike, obviously the sign is a good thing.

The chipmunks were quite un-fearful.

Derek loves posing for me.

The views are awesome from up here!

This is the way up, it got pretty hot...

This is Walter's Wiggles. Can you imagine building this? Derek says it is pretty awesome when it rains...Derek has done this hike 15 times, this was my first.

Derek loves this view.

Yeah, we hiked to the top!

The Arch 500 feet high 700 feet wide, so says Tom walker.

Waiting before the tunnel can see traffic backing up.

These petroglyphs are pretty cool, except some of them were pretty racey,. Tom says the rangers don't like to have people finding out about these. . .

Love us.


  1. is that last picture self-timer magic? cause if it is, well done.

  2. Hey! I didn't buy tickets yet....I meant to send you a message in case you didn't get that one. Are you guys in? I can just get tickets so we can all sit together. Let me know and it'd be fun!

  3. What a great day for a hike. Wish we could have come. We're glad you came to visit. Hopefully we'll see you soon.