Nov 18, 2008

We're back! Note 1

Well hello.

We just got back from Maui. . . and it is much greener than Utah.

IAO Needle, pretty self explanitory

Banana TREES! I've never seen one.

Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty! I can't believe people live in a place like this.

Haleakakakakakea Volcano. It was 10000 feet up from sea level. It was kind of funny, signs said "Don't walk to fast, you might faint" or "If you feel faint sit down" . . . People need to go and visit the rockies mores

I know it's weird, but I've never SEEN a telephone booth like this, I thought they were extinct...Haha

We had to cross this viaduct to get to the waterfall below. It was an awesome short hike.

Waterfall at the end.

True Tourists

Carol and I created an awesome Molokini Mini version. (I'm signalling in the Japanese way of come here)

A view from the tunnel on Mini Molokini. The sunset and the boat that was out there constantly.

Mini Molokini (If only I was photogenic)

A Very windy road, Tom kept honking the horn, and being a very bad side driver (he does not like heights or cliffs by windy roads)

The Blow Hole. Sometimes it would shoot 70 feet in the air. It was pretty awesome.


We also swam with Sea Turtles. I'll get those underwater pics developed soon.

A single Banyan Tree. All the roots grow from the branches and grow into the ground . . . Weird.

Husband hates taking photos like this. Photos in general.

Hana Highway was beautiful

We had to drive over an area that had a flash flood! Good thing we upgraded to 4 wheel drive.

Ching's Pond. An Awesome area.


  1. WOw,those pictures are incredible! Looks like the perfect vacation.

  2. LUCKY! However, I can't believe you guys took some of the CURSED rocks... All this time, we felt like it was our fault about the Will-man. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Ok, I am totally kidding! Glad you guys had fun and got to see the RAINMAN! Looks like a fun trip!

  3. WE didn't take any. It was Mom and Dad!

  4. K-Seriously, first of all, I didn't realize you were going to Maui until Devin told me! Seriously Harm, lets talk more. Second of all, you are extremely photogenic. That picture of you in the sand, you look like a model. Beautiful and I really do love that picture in a non-lesbian way.
    C-The picture you have on the side of the blog is so cute and I love it of both of you, but I also love the setting. Where was it taken? For a special occasion? And who took it? Looks SOOO good!
    Anyway, miss you!