Nov 5, 2008

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November (Edited)

So Halloween is not what it used to be.

We had maybe 35 trick-o-treaters, all very cute, and only Kona dressed up. Maybe it will be more eventful when we can dress up our kids and not just Kona.

Melinda, Caleb, and Bean showed up in some awesome costumes for Winnie the Pooh (check out their blog). We played some card games and Scotland Yard, and ate candy in front of the Miller's (Sorry, they are doing lent or something)

I almost won Settlers of Catan! We stole a tradition from the Miller's, whenever we win a game we put out name in the box. Since we started that tradition I have yet to put my name in for the second time, and it stinks because I had been winning previously before then. Anyway, I almost won with the largest army, longest road, 3 victory points, laid all my points down on my turn and Viola, only 9 points. And I lost. But I did win Scrabble, which is weird because Hannah and Derek ALWAYS Win.

Derek was pretty bummed he couldn't vote this year, he even thought about driving down to Cedar to vote, but 8 hours is a long time.

We are starting a new website....Daily Kona....soon to come. . .

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