Nov 22, 2008

I can't believe Harm didn't post this one yet. It's the coolest video she's ever made!

This is actually really funny if you can picture Harmony skipping down the stairs and staring at the ground at the same time. Also, her comment during the movie is priceless...


  1. Wow... I am so glad you captured the fine artistry that is "the steps."

    When we first started watching it I honestly turned to Caleb and said, "oh she must have accidently had the camera on and not realized it." But then sure enough we hear you state that it was indeed intentional.

  2. For those of you that listened to this, it was cool, but my voice always sounds almost infant like when recorded, which is why we do not own a video recorder.

  3. That is pretty priceless. I was a little scared during the movie that I thought Harm was going to fall! Phew. Glad you didn't Harm!