Oct 18, 2008


Last night at 3 am Kona started barking! So Hannah held her mouth shut, literally, for about 15 minutes, after which she heard some cars start in front of our house and drive away. This is what we found in the morning:Kona is an avid Obama supporter. Hali says it's because she's black. It is Utah after all, and this was one of only two Obama campaign posters out of all of them.

After having gotten mad at her for keeping Hannah up all night, Kona felt vindicated.
Avid. Derek walked in the house and was genuinly appalled to see Kona sporting an Obama cape, saying, "Ah! Kona, you can't wear that!!"

Such a good watch dog.


  1. Do you guys have any idea who did it? I can't believe Kona is an Obama supporter. What kind of dog have you raised?

  2. Oh we know exactly who did it, and it was repaid in kind. Plus, Kona did not really have a choice in the matter. She did not even resist.

  3. Typical of a "girl" doesn't think with her head, just wants what she thinks is in "fashion" She does look pretty fashionable. jk

  4. Harm! Hey girly! I stumbled on your blog, and I've loved reading it!! Are you guys still in Layton? What're you up to these days? You should check out my blog!! It's gandkpolatis.blogspot.com! Talk to you soon :)

  5. That was a pretty cool post!