Oct 27, 2008

Derek's Quote of the Day

While we were on our walk with Kona, a beautiful autumn night and Derek said "Don't you ever get tired of taking such small steps?" Only Derek would be so romantic. Loves

Update on the Walkers. . .

Derek has passed 8 months and still works for the same company!! First time ever! He builds websites and watches TradeGoose all the time (really). Want to see some of his work. . . www.altastreet.com and www.tradegoose.com

Harmony is an estimator for a company called Overland Construction and DaVinci Homes. Pretty fun, let me tell you LEGACY PARKWAY IS AWESOME.
Favorite Project: www.broadwaytower.com

You'll also find us playing indoor soccer on Wednesday Nights, new season starts next week. . .anyone? Anyone? Co-Ed?

So for our Anniversary (which is long due past) we agreed to just get family pictures done instead of gifts (it's kind of hard when your man wants electronic items that are labeled with an apple). 3 years later we have results! This guys was a smokin' deal, 80 bucks and 50 digital pictures. Fits well with the Walker frugalities. . .

The noble Kona.

Can you believe how fat Kona looks? Really, she is kind of fat, but not the ball of wonder here! Too bad she can't play soccer with us.

*Derek will be appalled (dang Graphic Designers.) I can't ever figure out how to align the picture just right, we'll see how long it takes him to change it....9:20 Pm and counting


  1. I love the pictures of you two. He did a really good job. Could Derek do that for us for FREE? Come on. We need a break we'll soon have 3 kids!

  2. bahahaha. here i sit in my room by myself laughing silently (or trying to) at the Kona pictures. In the first one, you can see her "little"
    belly, and the second...well, you can see it.

  3. Those are great pictures of you two.

    Count me in for Indoor Co-ed Soccer :)

  4. Great pix! You two are so great!

  5. Hey! Love the pictures! I am glad that Kona was invited! Ahhh! Anywho, Congratulations Derek for passing the 8 month mark! AMAZING!

  6. What a cute little family you have! We are in WA, and Tobin is working for the same company he worked for before. We have not made it up to Canada, yet. I think I have been to the bridge you mentioned, but that was in High School. You should e-mail us at tobndod@gmail.com and you can catch us up on where you guys are located. I am guessing SLC somewhere.