Oct 12, 2008


So this last week has been extremely cold, so good old Mother Nature decided to blast us with some snow. We went and saw the movie "The City of Ember." It was interesting, and hopefully not something that will come true. Last night we went with some friends to a haunted house. When we got there (driving through the blizzard), a huge line had already formed, so we decided to go to our friend Dan's house to print out some VIP tickets so we didn't have to wait so long. We get to Dan's house, Dan does not have a printer. Get back into the car and we head to our office so we can use a printer. An hour later we get in the VIP line and head in the "Castle of Doom." It was pretty cool, there was a 3d part where you go in a tunnel with black lights that spin, Holy Cow i thought I was going to puke and fall off the bridge. But that was about it, pretty much, not too scary, (Derek did have to save me from some creepy guy while in line )but not bad though. I'm sorry to all of you for Derek's Shameless plug, but it's been runnign Derek's life the last 3 weeks. The other day he told me that his mood is directly related to how well Trade Goose is doing. Like last Sunday, he was extremely Grumpy (Derek does not get Grumpy, and especially not EXTREMELY Grumpy), but nonetheless he was, and come to find out it was because TradeGoose had a bad day. And people think girls are hard to deal with. . .


  1. Hey, that looks just like my house here in SLC. We got blasted. I went outside after I woke up in my pajamas, coat, and shoes and took pictures as well. It's crazy, this weather we're getting.

  2. I never knew Derek was moody like that. I do love his shameless plug. It's so him!

  3. Wow! Those pictures are crazy! I can't say I miss the snow, but I do miss the good people in Utah, like the Walkers! Hope you guys have fun this winter!