Oct 24, 2018

Orion Thayne

I've found myself reading how to raise little boys. Orion's love language is definitely "Touch." He loves to cuddle, wrestle, hold hands and snuggle all the babies. 

The other day I was trying to wrestle with him and because it was so unusual for me to do so, he didn't know what to do. Kind of broke my heart a little. I can't blame him though, I've been pregnant most of his life.

Orion really can't help himself, he loves to snuggle those babies. He loves holding Vespe's hand (he made up the nickname Vespe and now it's stuck) and he especially loves holding baby Farah's hand. Orion is always asking to hold Farah. 

He really is a sweet boy and is always giving in to Aiko. He's very thoughtful and tries hard to be a good brother. 

I love you little man, even if you can't contain yourself sometimes. 

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