Oct 24, 2018

Aiko's Birthday!

Aiko turned 6 over the weekend. SIX! 

She even made an itinerary for her birthday party. 

We swayed a bit from her list and she was pretty sad about it. Sometime's being OCD is rough. 

She got out all her frustrations on the piñata thought. 

She kind of let the party get to her head. Here she is saying "Guys, don't worry, I'll get to each of you soon." 

I kind of forget how important birthdays and presents are to kids. All the kids were totally into the gift part it was pretty adorable. 

Thanks to Auntie Hannah for doing the cake! She's becoming quite the professional. 

Notice a tiny snatcher. 

I'm not sure why, but Aiko really wanted to take photos with Moana. 

While we were all singing and standing around her, Aiko got super embarrassed and shy. I've never really seen a shy Aiko before. 

One thing on Aiko's list was SPRINKLES! So, we had to incorporate it somehow. 

Thanks to all who came and made her day extra special!

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