Jul 16, 2014

I should just blame her.

I mean, wouldn't you?  

But alas, I know we made our own decisions that day.  I am the eldest, eldest sibling, eldest sister... You would think I would have set the example, chosen the path of righteousness.

  I was sitting at church feeling super guilty.  We teach righteouness to the little kids and here I am the sinner, who actually took her husband, dog, two babies and her two little sisters to jump off an illegal bridge.  

Yes, we are still talking about it.  We may or may not have to go to court tomorrow.  We aren't quite sure.  See, we recently found out it will go on our record, like a criminal record.  You can imagine our horror.  Plus, the $680 fine.  Per freaking person.  That's $1360 ripped right out of our souls.  All. Of. Our. Souls. 

Yes, the husband has been researching like mad to see what we can do... He's been reading into all the laws and talking to lawyer friends.  Yes, he's kind of freaking out, yes, it's all because I pushed him to drive us out to jump off that dang bridge.  I thought he would really like it.  He did.  Now, I'm beginning to wonder.

A few days later.

So we do still have to go to court. Just, my sisters and I.  See, somehow, the husband's ticket is MIA in the court system.  Maybe the cop was being nice?  Maybe he didn't want to hit a fellow Cedar-ite with a double whammy fine?  Who knows.  Of course, we will be trying to figure out what happened with it, because the odds would be that he'd end up with a warrant out for his arrest or something. 

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