Jul 31, 2014

For you grams.

A few weeks ago it was Obon season!  To see a previous explanation of what Obon is click here.  At first, I didn't really want to do it, I was just being lazy and feeling awkward.  I forced myself to go to the dance practices and remembered why I loved it.  It's that chance to honor those who have passed before.  Call me crazy, but I felt connected, to my heritage, my grandma, my family, my fellow Asians, my inner Asian self.   I really miss my Grams.  I'm still bummed that she never got to meet my babies.

(Little Brother's bug eyes.  Always.  I die!)

I'm sure Gram's would be telling me how I'm doing all sorts of things wrong, like how my hair looks like a birdnest, or that I'm eating too much, or that my clothes didn't match, that my boobs were getting big... she was just blunt.  I usually knew that whatever I did, she wouldn't like, and she would let me know.  I miss that, I knew that she loved me deep down, even when she wouldn't actually say "I love you" back.  She was just sassy like that.  She did like me, don't get me wrong, she was the best person and I hope I grow up to be just like her one day.  

I know she would have loved these babies.  Gram's would have sewn these babies their little yakatas and hapi coats.  Little Aiko has the exact profile of my gram's...all cheeks and no nose.  It's a good thing we named her after Gram's.   Hopefully, one day little Aiko and Orion will be dancing with me to honor their great grandparents.  

For now, Aiko will just watch all the big girls, learning all their dance moves, waiting for the day when she can walk without falling over. 

(This image is from the Standard Examiner.  It's my cousins little girl and her cousin and my boob!  The famous boob.)

Until next year Obon. 

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