Jan 20, 2010

What to Blog about?

When in doubt? Blog about the Kona. Shall we take a stroll down memory lane and view the love of our life?

Here she is the first day we got her, I'd never had a dog before and to be honest, it was terrifying to hold such a little thing. (Haha, betcha all are shaking your heads, because you know that feeling, probably because you have kids though.)

Kona has a special place in her heart for "Dad"
As you can see, she totally respects his space.

And nothing has changed over the years, only she is much, much bigger. I often find Derek napping with Kona.

Kona, really has not been trained well in the fact that not everyone loves her as much as her aunties. She loves to squeeze in a very small space to snuggle.

Some dogs have expensive chew toys and things...Kona had the plumber. She loved this plunger and has never loved anything else near as much. She did chew one shoe in her life, one of my favorite shoes ever, a nice red leather of the pump persuasion. She never chewed another one.

This is also the stage in which everyone seemed to hate Kona, myself included. She put a hole in every pair of pants I owned. Call this her Satan state.

Now we have this noble beast, a more mature (pronounced ma-tour, strong t) female dog.

This is a day from Old Iron Town, Kona went to visit the drywallers next door finishing a house.

Now Kona is the Queen of everytheeng. Notice how that rhymed.

She is also a faithful steed. Sometimes.

So black shiny.

She was sooo embarrassed I posted this photo.

So, now I have blogged. If you would like to view more Kona pictures, we have millions (or very close) we could probably find a Kona picture for everything.


  1. I love the pictures! Oh the memories, little Kona!

  2. hahahhahahahahha. This is pretty much my favorite post ever. I also love that you managed to get in "...of the _____ persuasion."

    Classic. I love The Kona possibly more than most people in my life.

  3. Ahhh, the early days of Kona Bologna! I am glad her "satan days" are officially over because I was really sad to see that red shoe gone. One of my personal favs!

  4. We haven't seen "The Koner" for awhile, but I definitely remember the satan stage. Needle sharp teeth piercing through all you hold sacred (aka red shoes, in my case, my hand)

  5. I love your blogs! They always make me laugh so hard. Kona was such a cute little puppy! Hard to imagine they were once so small! :) For sure lets be temple buddies! Shall we plan a time to go? We could meet you guys in Salt Lake or Bountiful and then do lunch after! (Or if you meant without the hubbies we could do that too!)Yay! Let's hang out soon!!!!