Oct 12, 2016

House Made of WallPaper

I’ve decided that this remodel needs to be documented somewhere. Luckily, I have this sweet blog that I started almost 10 years ago that needed some lovin’.

Perhaps we were a little ambitious…perhaps a little too crazy, either way, here’s some short letters to our new house.

Dear #housemadeofwallpaper : I love you and hate you all at the same time. I hate you for your 4 layers of wallpaper on the walls and ceilings and the curved ceilings. But I love you that someone has put wallpaper on covering the walls so you have a really lovely finish underneath.  Someone must have really loved you to put so many layers of paper.

To the “before and after” bloggers of Pinterest :
I’ve always wondered why the before and after photos have super crappy “Before” photos. I now know why. There’s not going around it. Why would I want to edit or take super fancy photos of the before?

To my school background:
You’d think with my Construction Management Degree and work experience that this would come in super handy. Sometimes yes, but mostly no. I don’t have any subs to just call and do anything I ask.

Dear #housemadeofwallpaper :
I’ve never seen soo much wallpaper. I’ve also never seen so many drapes in one house at a time.  Or the color blue. We’re super excited to see the wood floors you’ve been hiding all these years under that blue wool carpet and laminate flooring.

To the ironing board in the current kitchen: your time is coming friend.

To the squishy toilet seat : I secretly love you, even if you are soaking up every germ.

We love all your little, okay, not so little built in cabinets and drawers everywhere. Also, I’ve never seen so many doors in a house. Every possible spot there is a nice solid wood door.

To the attic that may never be finished: I wish we could finish you now. It would make a lovely Master Suite and I’ve been dreaming about it for weeks now. If only you could be hiding some treasure that could finance your facelift.

To the light fixtures in the house :  I wish I could keep you, but I also think you are too dated. Maybe someone in the retro style will claim you. Don’t worry, I’ll try to sale you.

Dear Kitchen: You are getting a facelift soon. Hopefully one that includes most of my Pinterest Dreams.

To the Limestone covering the house : I Love You.

To the Limestone staircase : Keep my children safe. They seem to think you are their new playground that’s five feet above the cement. Please don’t let them fall. I can’t seem to keep them away from you.

To the giant window in the front room: I’ve dreamed about you for a long time. Too long has it been since my Christmas Tree sat so everyone could see. Isn’t that the purpose of a front window? To see everyone’s Christmas Trees?


  1. How about a sketch of the floorplan. Do you have a view of the mountains?

  2. Ooh yes ... I would love to see a sketch of the floor plan .. and is there a guest room for us to stay in when it's done so we can get to know the houseofwallpaper ?