Dec 21, 2014


Thanksgiving was exceptionally warm this year.   We've been trying to break out of our traditional traditions and be a little more adventurous.  Cousin Steve's house has a view of a giant rock, which we affectionately deemed "Pride Rock."  We decided that we needed to go to there.

And so we did. It had an awesome view.  Plus this awesome rock, which we all needed pictures with.

Auntie Jeannie was trying to get little Thatcher to "Save" her.  He wasn't really into it.

We found lots of rocks to throw, stack and climb on.

Then Auntie Jeannie decided to pretend that the boulder was squishing her.

She's cool like that.

At any family function, I seem to be the butt end of all the fashion jokes.  I keep telling them one day I'll cry and then make them all feel bad.

Here I am examining an exceptional rock specimen.  Which, I took home.

Aiko is quite loved by her aunties and uncles.  After a few hours and many photos later, we decided it was time to go play BINGO.

We started the kids out on the own game.

Then we broke out the real game for the adult rounds.

We had to break for a lovely sunset photo.

Here's some of us with our BINGO bounty!  Toilet Paper and Kleenex are a big deal for us.

Instead of having Pie on Thanksgiving Day, we decided to start a new Pie Day the day after.  So we could just eat all the Pie we wanted.  We also had a Pie competition. Which, you can see how classy we are with voting and crowns.

The usual Floor photo with Derek.

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