Jun 3, 2010

Lover-ly Shopping Spree

Ahhh!  Went to a concert with the following:
Mom, Dad, Jan, Hannah, Derek and apparently I could have taken The Kona. 
I <3 the bands above.  A lot a lot. 
My dad introduced us to Styx as wee babes.
Foreigner is my biking music.
Kansas well I might <3 this band as much since I don't know many of their songs.
There were lots of parental looking people there and most of West Valley.

Note:  I am now going to start wearing hats as much as possible.  I'm going to start wearing them to church and see if I can start a fad. . . but why do I have this fantastic hat you wonder?

This last week Derek told me they were having a work party.  
2 Programmers and 1 Graphic Designer, 
who work 5 feet away from each other but IM instead of talking. . .how much of a party could this be?
It was actually a BLAST.
So instead of giving a bonus, the boss gave everybody some good old hard cash. 
Some for the wife and some for the hubby. 
We were then told to spend it in the next hour on things we wouldn't normally buy. 
Now. . .this is a great idea, except for the fact that we came up with a complete blank.  
We thought about combining our money, but of course, that would be something electronic. 
So we wondered around at many stores and had nothing to show for. 
"Husband" I said, "Drop me off at the mall."   I was done 30 minutes later with a load of stuff!! 
It. Was. Tough.  
I've never been under pressure to spend said amount of cash in said amount of time.  
I literally grabbed anything I saw, and yet I still felt this terrible guilt for spending so much money. 
Guilt was quickly replaced by love for my new skirts.  WITH POCKETS.
The result, I got 15 items,  that I never would have bought all at once and in such a short amount of time. 

I know that was a long description, but it really was exciting!! 
Here's what The Boy purchased. 
External Hard drive, Home Media Center, Receiver, HDMI Chords. 
Poor Derek.
For those of you who know him well, you know he really does get stressed out about big purchases.  
He just can't make up his mind. 
Because he wants to make sure that really what he wants to spend his money.   
He researches everything to make sure it's the best deal and quality.  

So he thought it all out during that hour while I spent all mine in a half hour. 

So for all you entrepreneurs out there. . .this is a good party idea!

That is all. 


  1. Wow, sounds like a party! Hi friend! The concert looked like fun, too bad the Kona didn't go! Miss ya!

  2. Fun! What a cool boss and I LOVE your hat! I heart hats but sometimes have a hard time wearing them.

  3. Um, can I just say that Derek is THE geek squad? Really, you could buy anything you wanted and you went for an external hard drive and HDMI cables?!? I personally would have bought a book on objective-C programming or something. ;-)