Dec 8, 2009

Christmas Stockings for Sale!

It's been an old family tradition. Grandma was quite the knitter with her old Toyota knitting machine. What's that you ask? Well it looks like so.

So I'd like to pass the tradition on! If you would like some personalized stockings that can easily be added year after year as your family grows
e-mail me!

Now I kind of know what to do with it!

Jumbo Stocking
$23.00 plus shipping

Jumbo Striped $20.00 plus shipping

Smaller Striped $15.00 plus shipping

$15.00 plus shipping

Cinnamon looking eh?

We can personalize as well. There are many different patterns. These beauties are $27.00 plus shipping and handling.


As you can see many patterns...we have soldiers, other ornaments, stripes, teddy bears...etc. E-mail me and I can give you a better list! We also have pretty much any's up to you!

All socks have a double lining and a ribbon for hanging.

I thought these were awesome!

Jumbo Initial Sock $24.00 plus shipping


  1. Those are so awesome! Patterns and everything! You are quite the stocking knitter. I will discuss with Hunter and get back to you! You have a pattern of a dog for Daisy???

  2. OOooooh! Cute! I'm thinking you make one for mua??

  3. Those are awesome! You are quite the knitter. Do family members get discounts?