Mar 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Derek...

Happy Birthday Derek!

I don't know why it is underlining the words. I don't see any buttons highlighted. I'm sure Derek will fix it. I've added a bunch of posts and pictures...A lot has been going on....

We were in Cedar City visiting the Family. . . Here we are at our best.

My new favorite glasses, Big Kids Meal. (un-underlined?!?! Complete Randomness! Macs....)

I took Caleb and Logan for a walk around the block. Caleb wanted to hold Kona's leash, he did pretty good, until we added Daisy to the mix.

Funny Boys. They both had a cough, and so we had to take multiple "rests" I took tons of pictures, most of the pictures came out with coughing boys. It was kind of funny though.

Another black lab, that looked just like Kona but with a blue collar showed up towards the end. Luckily, he was nice.

Meet Tyler Mark Nelson. We went down for his baby blessing, he looks just like Gena.


  1. Happy Birthday Derek! The pictures are awesome. I love your new camera.

  2. Yeah! Happy birthday! We are glad you came!

  3. Happy Late Birthday bro!!!