Dec 26, 2008

The Pie Pizza

So, Hali recommended the Pie, a pizza place in Salt Lake and hence the whole family went. Basically, we went for the 23"er of cheesy goodness. For some reason we thought we needed appetizers as well, not a good idea. We barely dented the pizza with 8 of us.
(Notice how Derek has the exact same look in each picture)


  1. I've done that too with eight people. It's so big! But a ton of fun! I hope you had a great christmas. We should get together soon. I got settlers for Christmas, yeah! Love ya!

  2. You guys really are fun! I wore my leg warmers Sunday. Sadly, you were not there! The Pie is delicious, and though I always leave disgusted by my cheese intake, I find myself dipping into the to-go box on the ride home. Shameful!

  3. Hey Harm! We got your Christmas card! Ryan and I are just getting to our Christmas cards...can we get your address? Cute blog!!!