May 8, 2008

Random Photos of 2008

The Boil- We boil seafood, potatoes, corn, clams, crab, garlic, veggis, shrimp, scallops and then throw them on a table! We eat with our hands and gather around the table. It's WAY FUN.
Hannah & Cory Playing Guitar Hero (which Derek Really LIKES)
My mom went to DC and IWAO A TAKAHASHI is my gram's first husband who died in WWII in Italy

Behold! The Derek and I's Tile job in my mom's front entry.
Hiking Adam's Canyon

Mud Football, may it live on forever.

This is an old tradition we're trying to bring back. We used to have pinatas when we were little, so now that there are some younger kids it was fun to watch them! (Tracey eventually bashed it open) When it was open, the kids all grabbed just 1 piece of candy, for some reason they didn't rush at it like we did when we were littl.e


  1. I beg to differ. 'Twas I who did the bashing.

  2. I love the tile job. You guys are getting good! It looks like you're having fun without us up there. We hope we can see you again soon!