Sep 5, 2018

First Day of School

Aiko's first day of "Kindeegarten." I think she was excited. We walked to school with a bunch of her buddies. All the other kids were holding their parents hand, but not Aiko, she was up at the very front without us. 

Once we got to school, we hung up her backpack and then her teacher wanted the kids to go outside until the bell rang. So Aiko went out and watched all the kids playing. Then the bell rang to go inside and I think it kind of frightened her, that and watching all the kids come running up the stairs. She got a little worried for a hot second and seemed so lost and little. Luckily, Dad was there to save the day. He dropped her off in the classroom and that was it. 

When I asked her how her first day went she said "I'll tell you later." We still aren't quite sure what she think about school and it's been a week. I think she's still trying to process everything. 

The man had his first day of school yesterday. He came home super happy and excited. 

He told me all about the kissing hand. Apparently, the kissing hand kissing your hand and "travels up your arm to your cheek." That's about all I got out of him for his first day. 

These guys sure were excited for school! 

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